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hormon rasta.
rast mišića.

Prepare yourself for maximum increase in strength and lean muscle mass..
I tested Somatodrol Krzysztof Piekarz Gold medalist debuts in 2014 the Polish Federation for 90+ and champion of champions.

Your body that took real muscle needs more testosterone and HGH.

These hormones are necessary for proper muscle growth and fat burning. In short, our formula hormonal activators allows you to achieve the size that you always wanted to have, at a pace that will pass your wildest expectations. more muscle mass more energy visible and outlined the muscles faster results

Our most advanced on the market formula that makes your body gets substances through which produces more testosterone and HGH - naturally without any side effects of anabolic steroids.



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Somatodrol raises the level of your testosterone and HGH!

The components of our unique formulas are scientifically proven effect accelerate and consolidate the results of your work: With each series will feel the difference. • 30% increase in testosterone levels • faster muscle recovery after exercise • elimination of cramps and muscle tone • an increase in strength and increased desire for sex

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Finally I have it, as so much waiting!
"I do not absolve myself of any series, gained muscle mass, but the muscles are not visible. Only after Somatodrolu I began to see the difference and finally I have the body you've always dreamed of. " Szymon

I'm bigger!
"Somatodrol is my way of success. My body is a veritable bomb testosterone and HGH. Body regeneration occurs quickly and soon I'm ready for the next workout. " Tomek

Somatodrol sponsoring First Brazilian Championship Kettlebell

In 2014 Somatodrol participated in the organization of the First Brazilian Championship kettlebell. Championship, which took place in Sao Paulo attracted the best athletes in the country. Weights kettlebells come from Russia. Exercises to their use consist of raising, lowering and their swing. All athletes presented themselves at the championship in top form. Kettlebell is gaining more and more popularity. Welcome to the next championship in 2015 in Florianopolis! TAGI:hormon rasta.rast mišića.kako povećati mišićnu masu

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rast mišića
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